Hello, I'm Ryan Sleiman, a sports and action photographer based in Berlin. With nine years of experience under my belt, I've been fortunate to capture a wide range of thrilling events across Australia, Europe and UK.
I've been honoured to photograph at prestigious events such as the London and Berlin marathons, where I've captured countless unforgettable moments. While I'm proud of these accomplishments, I'm always on the lookout for the next adventure. I enjoy shooting all types of adventure sports, team sports, cycling, mountain biking, enduro running, trail running to cross-fit and everything in between.
My style is unique, and I like to experiment with different techniques, such as combining flash with my subjects. This approach has earned me multiple awards and publications, as I'm always seeking to push the boundaries and capture the perfect shot.
I can organise, coordinate, and oversee teams of photographers. I've assigned photographers to cover various parts of a course at sporting events, including but not limited to, Ironman Copenhagen, Ironman Helsingor and The Dolomiti Super Enduro, making sure that each photographer is perfectly positioned to catch athletes in action.
I am now an official press photographer registered in Germany and I am shooting editorial sports.
If you're interested in commissioning me for your event or project, feel free to get in touch via my contact information. I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities to create stunning and memorable images.
I look forward to meeting you!